In June of 2018, my daughter, who is now in sixth grade at DCI, and I traveled to China along with other children and parents of Washington Yu Ying. The trip featured one amazing experience after another and I highly recommend going. Was it perfect? No. There were a few last-minute changes, long, hot days, and the kids didn't like some of the food. All of the problems we encountered are likely to occur on any trip becuase that's just what happens when you travel. Thankfully, we had 20+ young translators with us. And they all did a great job.

Here's the thing: The trip is expensive. It was about $3,600 per person, so $7,200 for a child and their parent, plus extra spending money for food and souvenirs. As a financial planner I know not everyone has $7,200+ sitting in a bank account.

In the months prior to the trip, I heard several parents ask if there was a calculator available to help them figure out how much to save for this experience. There wasn't, so I decided to build one. Below, you'll find the calculator as well as some photos I took on the trip. Feel free to share this with others. I'm happy to answer questions about the calculator or about my experience on the trip.


The Great Wall

We had a rare smog-free day when we climbed the Wall, which meant it was about 1,000 degrees. Tip: Bring multiple bottles of water.


Leshan Giant Buddha

This statue is enormous! The line to see the Buddha can be long, but it's worth the wait. Tip: Be on the lookout for monks wearing robes and sandals...and playing with their smartphones.


Sea of Tea

Have you ever wondered how tea is grown and cultivated? You'll find out! Bonus: The kids (and parents) get to learn about and taste different types of tea.