Young Professionals Package

Over the past few years we've met many young professionals that want financial planning advice, but don't necessarily meet the minumum assets required by most traditional advisory firms. We created a service to solve this problem.

$1,500, payable in two installments of $750

Here's what's included:

  • Two 60-minute meetings

  • Budgeting basics

    • How to create a budget

    • How to determine the proper amount of money to maintain in an emergency fund

    • Which budgeting tools to use

  • Debt-reduction versus investing

    • How to prioritize paying off your debts

  • Best practices for merging finances with your significant other

  • How to determine and improve your credit score

  • Retirement basics

    • Determine your risk tolerance using an online tool

    • How much money to contribute to your retirement plan

    • Where to invest your retirement contributions

  • Estate planning basics

    • What is a will, power of attorney, and trust

    • Why/when will I need them