Financial Planning + Asset Management

This service is designed to help you understand your entire financial puzzle. We'll cover the following topics over the course of 12 months.

here's what's included:

  • Initial 60-90 minute meeting to set financial goals
  • Budgeting basics
    • How to create a budget
    • How to determine the proper amount of money to maintain in an emergency fund
    • Which budgeting tools to use
  • Debt-reduction versus investing
    • How to prioritize paying off your debts
  • Best practices for merging finances with your significant other
  • How to determine and improve your credit score
  • Retirement basics
    • Determine your risk tolerance using an online tool
    • Create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that acts as a roadmap for you to follow as you accumulate wealth
    • How much money to contribute to your retirement plan
    • Where to invest your retirement contributions
  • Estate planning basics
    • What is a will, power of attorney, and trust
    • Why/when will I need them
  • Final 60-90 minute meeting to go over everything and answer remaining questions